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Profiles and Pics
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This page will eventually display profiles of guests- and our residents.

Some of the Wandle Delta String Band

The Wandle Delta String Band at Thornton Heath
Carol Chant, Lisa Knapp, & Doreen Leighter
b-f, Carol Chant, banjo; Doreen Leighter, whistle; Lisa Knapp, fiddle

The original line-up of the

John Cohen-guitar, Mike Seeger- fiddle &, seated,Tom Paley- banjo.

Seated in front of the amazing Mike Seeger is Tom Paley, seen here before McCarthyism forced him to abandon the States and live here- well, their loss is...

Roy Bailey at The Grove- Balham
Roy Bailey, click here to visit his Web-site....
Picture courtesy of Wimma McKerlie

North Cornwall Folk Festival, Wadebridge
Wadebridge Festival- our Dave and Pete Coe in red- no surprises there then!
The procession heads toward the 'bridge on wool'..
Playing 'The Bodmin Riding March'-
for about the thirtieth time..

Now who's this- could it be some crook
Criminal in Islamic head-gear
hiding from international justice...?

Looks familiar somehow...

You mean looks highly shifty- ed..

Southwark Irish Festival 2002
Southwark Festival- Traditional Music Stage
Doreen & Dave on the Traditional Music stage- Surrounded by some of Gerry Diver's students

Grace Notes relaxation class?
Maggie Boyle, Helen Hockenhull & Linda Hardcastle
Maggie, Helen & Linda go fishing- in the Aire?

John Spiers & Jon Boden, nominees for
BBC Radio 2- Horizon Award 2002
'Best Newcomers'...

Jon Boden and John Spiers
John Boden and John Spiers- click here to visit their Web-site

Here are two performers who know how to utilise fiddle and melodeon to their fullest potential- either instrumentally or backing their striking vocals. [from Pete Fyffe's review,]

Nancy Kerr & James Fagan- stunning performance at Court Sessions

Nancy Kerr with James Fagan

Enter the virtual club

Pete Harris, seated, and Mick Ryan take it easy..
Pete Harris & Mick Ryan
Mick and Pete seem halfway 'Across the Bridge'

There's more coming...


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